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Year: 2016
By: Patjim Statvoci
ISBN: 9781524747497

In the devastation of post-Communist Albania, inseparable young friends Bujar and Agim feel trapped: Bujar struggling to come to terms with the loss of his father, Agim facing dangerous realizations about his sexuality and his feelings for Bujar. When shame, guilt, and the ruins of authoritarianism push Bujar and Agim to leave everything behind and flee to Italy, the unfamiliar life of an immigrant and asylum seeker sets Bujar on a path of reinvention.

He follows an impulse to remake himself–as a man or woman of infinite nationalities and pasts–the burning desire to be seen and heard spurring a desperate search for a different existence to be seized at any cost. But Bujar’s quest for identity and belonging is haunted by the mystery of what happened to Agim–his one, true beloved, who somehow got lost along the way.

Like Statovci’s acclaimed debut, My Cat Yugoslavia, Crossing is a powerful and symbolic novel of both unending war and unattainable love, but most of all, of the lies that give stories a singular power.

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