Two men sheltering in boat

The usual way of seeking protection is to come to a country and ask for protection. This is commonly called  ‘seeking asylum’, and people who come this way are often called ‘asylum seekers’. This generally means that they have not yet had their claims to be a refugee formally determined.

In Australia, ‘seeking asylum’ is often seen as being the ‘wrong’ way to come, and the ‘right’ way is to wait in a queue and be selected by UNHCR for resettlement. In fact, seeking asylum is the way most people get protection in the world, and is the way that is protected by the Refugee Convention.

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Nauru: The facts

This factsheet on Nauru summarises key issues for refugees on Nauru, including mental health, the effect on children, inadequate healthcare, and family separation.
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Red Cross Celebrates 25 Years Of Supporting People Seeking Asylum

Red Cross celebrates 25 years of supporting people seeking asylum

In 2018, Australian Red Cross found out it would no longer be funded by the Australian Government to provide support to people seeking asylum under the Status Resolution Support Services program. The end of the contract proved a perfect time to celebrate the work the Red Cross has done in providing support to people seeking asylum in its remarkable report, 'Changing Lives, Changing Minds, Changing Rules'.
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A Letter from Kamran

Kamran is a person seeking asylum who is concerned he will be affected by the recent changes to support services for people seeking asylum in Australia. He is calling on…

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