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The usual way of seeking protection is to come to a country and ask for protection. This is commonly called ‘seeking asylum’. In Australia, ‘seeking asylum’ is often seen as being the ‘wrong’ way to come. In fact, seeking asylum is the way most people get protection in the world, and is the way that is protected by the Refugee Convention.

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A musician, Amin Nawabi is a refugee from Afghanistan.



A tragicomic take on the experience of Syrian refugees in Scotland.

When you don’t exist

When you don’t exist

This short film imagines a scenario where migration flows would be reversed from those commonly perceived in Europe.

People of nowhere

People of Nowhere

This short film looks at the human consequences of the Syrian conflict and the resulting populations’ displacements

So you think you can stay

So You Think You Can Stay

This powerful campaign film by NOAS uses a spoof talent show format to highlight the refuge process in Norway, and exposes the complexities of the application system. While the contestants and judges are fictitious...



Episode 5 of this documentary features the story of “Biloela family” and those people advocating for better treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Scattered people

Scattered People

The Scattered People is a group of musicians from Brisbane, Australia, who perform, compose, and record the music and narratives of asylum seekers they meet in detention and community centres.

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