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Education and employment

What challenges do refugees in Australia face in getting education and employment? What are some of the initiatives and successes in getting refugees access to study and work? You can find more information by type here.
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Classroom resources for teachers

Looking for resources to use in the classroom with your students? Check out these great resources including teaching guides, posters, films, stories and more! You can also download this resource as a word document here...

Atra Tchikha – Face to Face Speaker

I arrived in Sydney, Australia in 2017, after years of moving and fearing for our future. The ongoing Syrian war and extremist radical groups forced my family and many other families from religious minorities to flee...

Our work

Factsheets, reports & resources

The Staging Post

Jolyon Hoff The Staging Post follows two Afghan Hazara refugees, Muzafar and Khadim. Stuck in Indonesia after Australia ‘stopped the boats’ and facing many years in limbo, they built a community and started...