Finding someone to help you

In Australia, you can only get advice about your refugee claim from a person who is a ‘migration agent’. This person must be registered. You can find a migration agent, or check if your migration agent is registered, by clicking the button below. This will take you to the Migration Registration Agents Authority’s website, which has a list of all migration agents.

Migration agents have to act in a professional way. You should read about what migration agents are expected to do before you pay one.

Finding someone who understands refugee claims

Not all migration agents work with people seeking asylum and refugees. This is a difficult area of law, so you should find someone who has experience when seeking legal or migration advice.

We have listed our member organisations and some other organisations which specialise in this area on the right. Choose your State and you can see who may help you.

If they cannot help you, they may be able to suggest other places for you to go.

Please call only one at a time – this will mean they can help more people.

You can also find more information on this page about the kind of help they provide.

Other migration agents

If you want to find another migration agent for legal or migration advice, you can go to the Migration Institute of Australia’s website and choose ‘Refugee and Humanitarian’ to find someone who specialises in this area.

Many lawyers are also migration agents. Lawyers who work regularly in this area may be ‘accredited’ as being a specialist by their legal body.

However, these specialists may work in immigration law, but not with refugees.

You can find accredited specialists in immigration law:

The other States and Territories do not have accredited specialists, but you can find lawyers or law firms that work in immigration here:

Read more about what help you can get

Free legal help for refugees in NSW

The Legal Aid Refugee Service helps refugees with many types of legal problems. This brochure outlines the service locations and types legal problems we can help refugees with.
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ASRC Human Rights Law Program

The Human Rights Law Program is an independent, not for profit Community Legal Centre working within the ASRC. We provide free, expert immigration advice and representation to people seeking asylum who are at risk of persecution and human rights abuses in their home country.
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We are checking the information we have about organisations that provide services. If you would like your organisation to be included on this list, please send us this form. If your organisation’s information needs to be changed, please send us this form. We will confirm this information with you before publishing it on our website.