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The Refugee Council of Australia aims to leverage off work to date to ensure Australia’s policies toward refugees and people seeking asylum offer the protection they have the right to. We want to ensure that Australia’s policies at all times reflect respect, decency and traditional Australian generosity to those in need, while advancing Australia’s international standing and national interests.

All our advocacy and campaigns work stems from our vision for what refugee and asylum policy can look like. This is laid out in our 'Platform for Change' which was developed over a number of years in consultation with a wide range of organisations, activists and refugee community members.

Our vision

Current campaigns

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Nobody Left Behind

We are experiencing an unprecedented global crisis that affects us all. The Morrison government has responded decisively yet it has left behind almost 1.1million temporary visa holders including hundreds of thousands of...

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Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

We know that Australians have big hearts, and welcome people from all over the globe. We’re simply asking for a system that allows that generosity to flourish, and welcomes refugees into our communities.

Past campaigns