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Children reading book with lots of images coming out of it

The Little Refugee

Based on the autobiographical novel by comedian Anh Do, this book tells the inspiring and uplifting story of Anh’s family from their dangerous journey by boat from Vietnam to their struggle to establish a new life in...

Children reading book with lots of images coming out of it

Boy Overboard

Morris Gleitzman writes of Jamal, who just wants to play football, but with a sister defying Taliban curfews and parents running an illegal school, his problems escalate until the whole family must flee Afghanistan in...

Leaky Boat

Leaky Boats is a moving documentary about how the Australian Government used the refugee boats as a mechanism to boost its standing in the polls during the election to clinch a victory.

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The Wait

The Wait is a five-part narrative podcast which brings you into the lives of refugees trapped in Indonesia.

Other resources

The Land Between

The Land Between offers an intimate insight into the hidden and desperate lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco.

What Is a Refugee?

Elise Gravel, author and artist of this clear, visual, and powerful picture book for young children, examines what it means to be a refugee.


A tragicomic take on the experience of Syrian refugees in Scotland.