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Films available for screenings.

Myanmar’s Killing Fields

A special investigation into the mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. The film examines evidence that Myanmar’s security forces used systematic rape and terror tactics to expel hundreds of thousands of Rohingya...

Dear Habib

Dear Habib is an animated video focusing on the experiences of Habib, who journeyed to the UK from Afghanistan at just 14, and his experience of transitioning to adulthood.

Midnight Traveller

When the Taliban puts a bounty on Afghan director Hassan Fazili’s head, he is forced to flee the country with his wife and two young daughters.


A group of young people known as the YLCSC are campaigning so that all children who arrive in the UK alone get a legal guardian.

Road to Oxford

In 2018, Rawan escaped the Syrian Civil War and left the country he was born in. This is his road to Oxford, UK.

Revenir (To return)

Part road-trip, part memoir, part journalistic investigation, Revenir follows Kumut Imesh, a refugee from the Ivory Coast now living in France, as he returns to the African continent