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Offshore processing

Since September 2012, the Australian Government has been sending people seeking asylum to Nauru and Papua New Guinea under a policy called 'offshore processing'. It is a policy designed to deter people from coming to Australia by punishing people who have come here seeking our protection.

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Man in blue suit standing next to poster of MOSAIC Empowering newcomers to fully participate in Canadian society banner

Saleem Spindari on Operation Not Forgotten

In March 1990, I fled my home with my parents and extended family members. We didn’t have any clue of where we were heading. We just wanted to run away from the Iraqi troops that were getting closer to our home city of...

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Boat in water wth headline if you come here by boat and without a visa you won't be settled in Australia

Stop the Boats

Simon Kurian Stop the Boats tells the story of how Australia used a three word slogan to demonise people seeking asylum, fleeing war and persecution; condemning them to indefinite offshore detention and torture in...