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RCOA condemns attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan and call for end to forced returns

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 15th November 2018   The Refugee Council of Australia strongly condemns escalating terrorist attacks on Hazaras in Afghanistan and calls for the international community and Afghan Government to act swiftly to prevent further violence, provide protection…

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RCOA Impact Report 2017-18

We promote humane and compassionate policies for people seeking safety in Australia and around the globe. While we cannot predict the wars, conflicts and oppressive regimes that will force people to seek asylum, we can work to ensure that…

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Cuts to support for people seeking asylum put pressure on states and community organisations to help those made homeless

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 1st November 2018 Today will see hundreds more people seeking asylum exited from basic but vital support in the latest round of Federal government cuts These cuts could result in extra costs of up to $120…

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Total number of displaced persons worldwide (25.4 million refugees) 2017

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Number of refugees
resettled or recognised
in Australia

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Proportion of people seeking asylum
recognised by Australia in 2017

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Country hosting the
most refugees: Turkey