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New UN refugee statistics should spur Australia to constructive action in Asia

Reflecting on new United Nations statistics which show that the global number of people who are now refugees is at a 70-year high, Australians and their government should not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by grim statistics but should redouble efforts to seek practical answers.
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Help stop the destitution of people seeking asylum

Thousands of highly vulnerable people seeking asylum who are living in our community could be at risk of destitution and homelessness. Learn how you can help us stop it.
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Three people icon, with 68.5 milion underneath

Total number of displaced persons worldwide (25.4 million refugees) 2017

House icon with people inside, and number 23,111

Number of refugees
resettled or recognised
in Australia

Icon of Australia, with 0.23% underneath

Proportion of people seeking asylum
recognised by Australia in 2017

Sickle and star from Turkish flag, with 3.4 million underneath

Country hosting the
most refugees: Turkey