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Detention of people seeking asylum in Australia

In Australia, anyone who does not have a valid visa is required to be detained. This means that people seeking asylum are generally detained, often for long and uncertain periods. There is no independent review of the decision to detain, and people have been detained for increasingly long periods. The detention of people seeking asylum under this regime is one of the harshest in the world, and causes terrible suffering. You can also find more information by type here.
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Island of Hungry Ghosts

Directed by Gabrielle Brady, 2018 Having relocated her family to the tiny Australian territory of Christmas Island, Poh Lin, a trauma counsellor spending her days coaxing stories from detained asylum seekers in a high...

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Visa cancellations cases

This database shows cases since the introduction of the legislation in December 2014 expanding the cancellations of visas. It was developed in collaboration with a Visa Cancellations Working Group, of which the Refugee...

I have a bridging visa

This fact sheet is for people who are already in detention. It includes information about how to apply for a bridging visa, what conditions it will have, and what you can do if your application is refused.