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Shire of Plantagenet

The Shire of Plantagenet is an area in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, managed from the town of Mount Barker which lies 367km south of Perth and 50km north of Albany. The Shire covers a total area of 4,792km2 and includes the townsites of Mount Barker, Kendenup, Narrikup, Porongurup and Rocky Gully.

The Shire of Plantagenet has an estimated 2016 population of 5,103, of which approximately 3.1% of the community is made up of Noongar people. The remaining 96.9% of the community comprise non-indigenous people with Australian ancestry, in addition to people from European countries such as Scotland, Ireland and Germany.

The Plantagenet economy is primarily centred on tourism, agriculture and wineries. Plantagenet has a growing diverse ethnic community. It is recognised that Australian immigrants have, and continue, to help drive and grow the economy at all levels.

The Mount Barker Hazara population represents approximately 4.5% of our resident population and like other culturally and linguistically diverse populations that reside in Plantagenet they make a significant positive contribution to our community both socially and economically.

Becoming a Refugee Welcome Zone would support the possible settlement and integration of more Afghan evacuees that have been displaced and persecuted as a result of recent political instability in Afghanistan.  The Shire is involved in supporting the local Hazara community in reuniting with family members currently in Afghanistan who are seeking humanitarian visas.

Plantagenet continues to support and celebrate cultural diversity by holding regular Citizenship Ceremonies and supporting local community organisations, services and groups in the locality.  The Mount Barker Aboriginal Progress Association is also to be commended for its outreach programs to support culturally and linguistically diverse Plantagenet residents.

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