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Mackay Regional Council

MackayRenowned for its friendly and relaxed people, picturesque rural and coastal scenery, and sub-tropical climate, the Mackay region is an enviable location to live, work and play.

The region—which covers about 7,600 square kilometres and 200 kilometres of coastline—is located on the northern part of the central Queensland coast next to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We are around 115,000 community members strong according to the 2016 census. As residents of the Mackay region we can live the lifestyle we choose—rural or urban—across the main city, townships, rural residential areas, and small rural settlements.

Home to many different cultural groups, including Australia’s largest population of Australian South Sea Islanders, we are a culturally rich and diverse region. Mackay Regional Council acknowledges the Traditional custodians of the land, recognising the cultural diversity and proud history of our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The Mackay Region has not historically, or recently experienced significant intakes of refugees, however, we continue to celebrate our vibrant multicultural community through a variety of means. 

  • Council maintains a Migrant Voice Facebook group for our local multicultural community to share information, celebrations, and events.  
  • Council maintains strong relationships with our multicultural and migrant support services  
  • Council undertakes annual Harmony Day celebrations  
  • Council hosts our annual multicultural festival, Global Grooves  
  • Council supports a variety of local multicultural community groups through grants, event planning, preparation, marketing, etc.  
  • Council has an internal Diversity and Inclusion Policy and an external Cultural Diversity and Accessible Community Policies that speak to how we welcome, support, and celebrate our multicultural community. 


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