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Macedon Ranges Shire Council

MacCommunity Vision

“With our unique regional identity, Macedon Ranges Shire embodies a caring, resilient approach to community through our robust local economy, protection of the natural environment and a collaborative commitment to inclusivity for all.”

Current Initiatives

Much of the work done in support of the Refugee Welcome Zone within the Shire is undertaken by the Macedon Ranges Rural Australians for Refugees (MRRAR).  Council is very proud to have a community group such as MRRAR undertaking this work. 

MRRAR is very active and has been supporting the plight of refugees for a number of years.  They have been active in the community since 2006 and have a number of members to support their activities.

Group members, consisting of local residents across the Shire are involved in different portfolio areas which include, fundraising, publicity, grocery collections, furniture/white goods collection,  a major raffle, material support, and awareness raising.   Since 2018, when Council became signatories to the RWZ, the group has continued to be active; switching to online activities during the COVID Pandemic lockdown periods.  The following is a snapshot of those events. 

22/06/2018 – Film Night - Welcome - Woodend 

23/06/2018 – Refugee Foodbank Collection and BBQ – Woodend and Gisborne 

19/07/2018 – Vigil: 5 years too long, 12 deaths too many – Woodend 

07/10/2018 – MRRAR Tamil Feast Luncheon – Woodend 

16/11/2018 – Film Night Fundraiser Human Flow - Woodend 

24/11/2018 – MRRAR Christmas Food Bank Collection – Gisborne 

08/12/2018 – MRRAR Christmas Food Bank Collection – Woodend 

22/03/2019 – Film Night - The Staging Post – Woodend 

15/06/2019 – Film Night – Constance on the Edge – Woodend 

29/06/2019 – Film Night – Constance on the Edge – Gisborne 

25/10/2019 – Film Night – Freedom Stories – Woodend 

07/12/2019 – Charitable Christmas Concert – Woodend Library 

25/06/2021 – Film Night – Border Politics – Woodend 

26/06/2021 – Cake Stall Fundraiser – Woodend 

26/06/2021 – Wood Raffle – Online Event 

28/08/2021 – Wood Raffle – Online Event 

18/09/2021 – Cake and Produce Stall Fundraiser – Woodend 

13/11/2021 – Plant Sale Fundraiser – Woodend 

11/12/2021 – Grocery Collection and Sausage Sizzle – Woodend 

29/01/2022 – BBQ Lancefield Farmers Market 

29/01/2022 – Promotion of Worldwide premier online event – Freedom Street Documentary 

07/03/2022 – Visit to Sacred Heart College Kyneton by Gregory Clark MRRAR and donation of book “Seeking Asylum – Our stories” 

12/03/2022 – Guest Speaker, Christine Cummins – True Stories from Christmas Island – Woodend 

02/04/2022 – Don Watson, author – Conversations in Woodend 

06/04/2022 – online RAR Webinar Justice and Freedom for Refugees – promoted via social media on MRRAR FB Page. 

10/04/2022 – Walk for Justice and Freedom for Refugees – promoted via social media on MRRAR FB

MRRAR has provided support to individuals and families and those organisations whose sole objective is to support Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Organisations that have been supported include Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP), Friends of Refugees (Springvale), Refugee Legal, and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).  Fundraising is divided between the first two organisations. 

Other than MRRAR, Council continues to have direct contact with local Neighbourhood Houses and Service Groups, including Rotary and Lions Clubs.  Whilst there has been little actively by these groups in any Refugee Welcome Zone activities, there is strong support to collaborate and become involved in future events and activities now that COVID restrictions are no longer in place.

Council will continue to build on its relationship with MRRAR and other groups and organisations in the Shire, to collaborate and partner, engage, and educate and support the Refugee Welcome Zone in a meaningful way.

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