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Lake Macquarie City Council

LmcLake Macquarie City is experiencing a growing number of attendees at our Citizenship Ceremonies held throughout the year, demonstrating their strengthening cultural diversity. 

Culturally Diverse Lake Mac Plan 2021-2024

The vision of the Culturally Diverse Lake Mac Plan is to strengthen the welcoming, inclusive and accessible nature of Lake Macquarie City in line with the values of their community. The Plan outlines how Council will act to strengthen social harmony and counteract the negative impact of systemic racism and inequality on individuals, groups, and the broader community. 

Migrants to Lake Macquarie, including their most recent arrivals, have brought much-needed skills, labour, and ideas to the City. They have given the energy, ingenuity, and enterprise that make Lake Macquarie what it is today. 

Immigration has been encouraged into the region, most notably since the Second World War, with migrants setting up now-established communities in Lake Macquarie. The established migrant communities are comprised mainly of those with Anglo-Saxon backgrounds with Dutch, German, Polish, and English heritage. Migrants relocated to Lake Macquarie due to industry job opportunities in coal mining and railway construction. 

Multicultural Support 

Nowadays, Lake Macquarie’s multicultural makeup comes from a variety of groups; welcoming individuals and families with Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, and Afghan heritage. Immigrants from the United Kingdom are still our largest overseas-born population group. 

The Council runs a series of consultations with key stakeholders across Council departments to review actions that can undertake internally to demonstrate diversity and inclusion as a leader in their community. Re-occurring themes that emerged through the council’s consultation include: greater diversity in visual communications, wider promotion of multicultural events, creating more opportunities for cross-cultural sharing of food, language, art, and philosophies, enabling more places for connection, ensuring people with a multicultural background are involved in event planning and creation, and ensuring genuine and consistent engagement with people from a multicultural background. 

Lake Macquarie Council has integrated the Culturally Diverse Lake Mac Plan 2021-2024 with its Operational Plan and Business Plans to achieve outcomes for a culturally diverse community.

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