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On September 5 2019, the Mayor and staff from Federation Council participated in a local Multicultural Workforce Forum. Hosted by the local Who is My Neighbour (WIMN) group, a group established to look at offering opportunities for refugees to settle in the area.
There were many issues explored during the forum with a number of guest speakers coming to share their experience around both the need for and the successes had the attraction of a multicultural workforce.
In January 2020 Council was requested by the WIMN group to consider becoming a Refugee Welcome Zone. Council in February 2020 considered this request and agreed in principal to the request.
The WIMN group hosted refugee families from Melbourne on the seventh, eighth and ninth of March 2020. In total 63 people (50 adults and 13 children) were billeted by local families with a range of activities being undertaken over the course of the weekend. These activities include a Bush Dance on and a Community Dinner. At that Community dinner Council affirmed its decision to becoming a Refugee Welcome Zone by formally signing a declaration and presenting a certificate to the WIMN
The success of the efforts made by the WIMN group have been shown through one of the refugees who visited in March 2020, taking up employment and relocating to the area.

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