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City of Marion

MarionThe City of Marion is located 10 km south of Adelaide in South Australia. The estimated resident population for 2021 is 95,650 and is showing healthy growth. This is due in part to overseas migration which welcomes newcomers from countries such as the United Kingdom, India, China, Nepal, and many new and emerging communities.

In the 2021 Census, 29.1% of people in the City of Marion were born overseas and 20.9% of people spoke a language other than English at home.

Marion is home to two significant cultural landmarks including the Shri Ganesha Hindu Temple in Oaklands Park and the Islamic Mosque in Park Holme.

On 26 August 2003, the City of Marion Council became a Refugee Welcome Zone (RWZ) and this commitment is enshrined in their community vision of a place where cultural diversity is celebrated. These themes have been implemented in many of their cultural programs in support of refugees and culturally diverse communities. The City of Marion supports and works in partnership with culturally diverse and First Nations people through community cultural development projects, programs, and events.

It has also been active in promoting its RWZ commitment to enhancing cultural and religious diversity by organising a number of key events reflecting and celebrating this diversity.

Annual events supported by the City of Marion include Harmony Day in March. The Living in Harmony initiative, designed to challenge all Australians to take a stand against racism, prejudice and intolerance, is about practising justice, equality, fairness and developing friendship.

City of Marion collaborated with ‘Local Government Reference Group’, six other councils, and the ARA to produce a Community Connections guide for refugees and new arrivals to assist those that are unfamiliar with written English to understand the role Council plays and the services that they provide.

See the Community Connections Guide

The City of Marion supports the Australian Refugee Association’s Scholarship Program.

The Marion Celebrates Festival is a large community festival with the theme Many Cultures, One Earth attracting approximately 7000 people. The festival gives emerging and culturally diverse communities the opportunity to showcase their culture, identity, and talents through performances and market stalls.

City of Marion Neighbourhood Centres and Libraries have numerous programs, resources, information, and activities available to welcome and support new arrivals and refugees.

City of Marion’s various grant streams support and benefit our local community, information is available at Grants, donations and sponsorship | Services we offer | City of Marion


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