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City of Logan

LoganLogan City Council has been running Cultural Awareness Training for Council staff to bring awareness of cultural needs and sensitivities to the community with residents from diverse cultural backgrounds. The training has been designed to allow staff to understand cultural intelligence and build cultural competency.  

Over the weekend leading up to Harmony Week 2022, Council hosted its first Stories from the Kitchen dinner at Gould Adams Community Centre, which created opportunities for people from diverse cultural backgrounds to share food, tell their stories and make connections with each other. The Stories from the Kitchen program is a series of dinners where people from diverse cultures bring a plate of food that reminds them of home to share with other people. It is funded by the Queensland Government and Council and uses this program as an opportunity to celebrate our cultural diversity.   

Council libraries run English Conversation groups for residents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.   

Logan City Council has leased one of its facilities to Access Community Services, one of the leading settlement services in Logan. People from refugee and migrant backgrounds are able to access support services to assist with their settlement in Logan.   

Council works in collaboration with Access Community Services and leaders from culturally diverse communities to host the quarterly Community Leaders Connect Forum. The forum aims to:  

  • strengthen relationships between cultural leaders, Access and Council in an ongoing cumulative process  
  • provide a platform for cultural leaders to engage with Council, Access Community Services, and Council priorities  
  • provide a platform for cultural leaders to present community needs, trends, and highlight achievements  
  • provide opportunities for cultural leaders to take part at a range of levels, including providing advice and identifying and progressing opportunities to address the identified priorities  

Council also provides grants opportunities to support community groups and organisations to run programs targeted at supporting our CALD communities.  

Council is also funded by the federal government to deliver the Swim Logan program for free to teach newly arrived Australians to learn how to swim. 


Council also supports a number of local networks specifically for our diverse communities. It is through working in partnership and encouraging collaboration between agencies that the Council can make the most of resources to enhance opportunities to support our CALD community.  


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