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HobartThe City of Hobart chairs a Multicultural Advisory Group comprising representatives from various government levels, multicultural and humanitarian sectors, various cultural groups and associations, and international students. This group monitors the implementation of our Multicultural Commitment and provides a consultation mechanism for subsequent versions, provides a forum to discuss multicultural and refugee issues, develops recommendations for consideration by the Council, and forms working groups for various multicultural projects. 

The City of Hobart and the Multicultural Advisory Group are very active in annual Harmony Week celebrations that take various forms each year.

A recent update was the Council’s passed motion to advocate for the 30 refugees and asylum seekers who were held in the Park Hotel, requesting their urgent humanitarian settlement, and to work with other stakeholders to settle them in Hobart as soon as possible after leaving detention. The Lord Mayor wrote to Minster Hawke and other Tasmanian Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, and work has been done to receive pledges of support from Hobart residents.

A summary of our Council’s work as Welcoming City and our Multicultural Commitment can be found here

You can also find out more about our anti-racism campaign, Hobart Respects All. 

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