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City of adelaideAdelaide City Council became a Refugee Welcome Zone in August 2014.

Adelaide City Council welcomes refugees and asylum seekers to the City and acknowledges the difficult journey men, women and children make to Australia to seek our protection.

We also celebrate the wonderful cultural diversity that refugees and asylum seekers bring to our community and the tremendous contributions refugees have made to Australian society in the fields of medicine, science, engineering, sport, education, and the arts.

In March 2018 the City of Adelaide signed up for the Welcoming Cities initiative; a national and global network of cities that are committed to communities where everyone can belong and participate in social, economic, and civic life. The Welcoming Cities initiative broadens the City of Adelaide’s commitment as a Refugee Welcome Zone by celebrating the city’s diversity, intercultural identity, multiculturalism and welcome to all migrants to Adelaide. 

The City of Adelaide is currently working on an exciting engagement project with the Afghan DIASPORA community -including new arrivals, past refugees, students, business owners, parents, children, and citizens from Afghanistan.   The project has included a series of community conversations made up of small informal groups. The aim of these conversations is to gain an overview of the needs of the wider Afghan community and new arrivals around what welcoming and belonging look like to them.  

The 4 Stages of the Project  

Phase 1. Community Conversations

Informal consulting with community leaders, members, and movers and shakers on the needs of the wider Afghan community and new arrivals and what welcoming and belonging look like to them.  

Phase 2: Welcoming Event with Lord Mayor at Town Hall   

Phase 3: Community Event/Program

Ongoing engagement with the community to support a community-determined event to celebrate the contribution and value of the Afghan Community here in SA – continuing the celebration of the City of Adelaide being a Refugee Welcome Zone.  

Phase 4: Community Connections and Belonging

Bringing together key learnings from Phase 1-3 of Community Needs and Dreams. This stage will consider Council Services and Programs that the Afghan Community can or has been linked to throughout the project. It will identify key gaps, and if known, identify where other councils, organisations, or community groups may already support the community (this will be live and ongoing). Suggestions for key areas in future projects or support areas for the wider Afghan Community and other migrants. 

This project will confirm and enhance Adelaide’s reputation as a welcoming city. The approach will also serve as a model to translate into future welcoming programs for other communities.

In addition, during Refugee Week the City of Adelaide Community Connections Team is delivering: 

  • Support for SAWA (Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan Inc.) to host a fundraising event at the Minor Works Building
  • Regular Connecting Community and Culture program

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