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Australian Capital Territory

ActThe ACT is a vibrant planned out city, with elegant gardens and mountain top views of its geometrical landscape. Home to the Parliament House of Australia and government department offices the ACT is the centre of the nation’s development. Within the borders hides a vibrant night life with community activities and a culture filled with the diversity of the Australian nation.

The ACT provides support and a well-rounded plan to welcome refugees and support multicultural practices within the territory. Some initiatives include:  

The ACT supports the welcoming of refugees by hosting an annual National Multicultural Festival that is known for its array of colours and cultural performances. This is in support of the multicultural activities the territory provides for the community in the form of arts, education, legal services, and health benefits. 

To support the diverse community within the ACT services such as telephone access to an interpreter and programs to assist with developing work experience and office skills are available. 

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