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Kamal Hussein

In his hometown in Burma, Dr Kamal Hussein worked as a rural doctor and was a member of the National Democratic Party for Human Rights. After crackdowns on several political parties, he spent 14 years as a refugee in Malaysia where he continued to practise as a medical officer for Malaysian universities. In addition, he became a coordinator for the Burma Solidarity Group in Malaysia (BGSM). After arriving in Australia in 2006, he has continued this mission through his involvement with the Burmese Rohingya Community in Australia (BRCA), as well as working with the Cancer Institute of NSW and the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney.


Melika smiling at camera with window shade part down behind her
Melika Sheikh-Eldin

Melika Sheikh-Eldin

Melika Sheikh-Eldin was born in Eritrea and was educated as a Marine Biologist, before the outbreak of war brought her on a different path. She began working in refugee camps in Egypt and Sudan, where she assisted children and families to access education and necessities. After migrating to Australia, Melika continued to contribute to the needs of refugee communities through her extensive engagement with local communities and organisations, and advocacy at UNHCR Conferences. She is the Manager of Settlement Services at AMES and is a Board Member of RCOA (2007-current).


Tony Ogeno Oyet

Originally from Sudan, Tony Ogeno Oyet arrived in Australia in 2003. He spent several years in Uganda and the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya before being accepted for resettlement in Adelaide. Tony embraced the educational opportunities in his new hometown and began studying International Business at the Adelaide Institute of TAFE. He has since become President of the Sudanese Community of South Australia and a Community Development Worker for Central Northern Adelaide Health Services (2017).

Tenneh in pink flowered dress
Tenneh Kpaka

Tenneh Kpaka

Tenneh Kpaka was raised in Sierra Leone, where she spent her childhood visiting the neighbouring refugee camps. There she administered assistance in any way she could, including listening to the stories the refugees had to tell.

The suffering and hardship Tenneh witnessed would lead her to dedicate her life to refugees, and in particular, amputee children. In 2001, Tenneh migrated to Australia where she began working as a Project Worker for Women at Risk at Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre. In 2005, Tennah self-funded her first trip to Geneva for the UNHCR Annual Consultations. She has since returned various times, including in 2006 to present the findings of a funded trip to document the lives of amputee children in Guinean refugee camps. She works with Settlement Services International and is the Deputy Chair for Women at Risk Working Group for Asian Pacific Refugee Rights Network (2017).

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