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Australia’s engagement in Afghanistan


On 25 October 2021, the Refugee Council of Australia made a submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee inquiry into Australia’s engagement in Afghanistan.

We highlighted a number of important issues for consideration by the Committee, including:

  • the costs of Australia’s engagement in Afghanistan
  • the adequacy of Australia’s preparation for withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • the need for an emergency response to the crisis
  • the impacts and implications for diaspora communities
  • facilitating diaspora contributions
  • mitigating negative impacts on diaspora communities in Australia
  • reuniting Afghan-Australians with their families
  • pathway to permanency for Afghans on temporary visas
  • provide avenues for the continued evacuation of people at high risk
  • ensure neighbouring countries keep their borders open
  • increasing resettlement for Afghans at risk
  • safety for people from Afghanistan in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • impact of Australia’s offshore processing policy on people from Afghanistan
  • the the situation for people from Afghanistan seeking asylum in Australia, including in detention

Australia’s engagement in Afghanistan submission
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