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Sayed Barkat Hussainizada

Sayed Barkat Hussainizada (Barkat Hussainizada) is an Australian Afghan who came to Australia in 2005.

He is an actor, community ambassador, Youth Coordinator, community language teacher and Orthoptic student.

Barkat is the first from his community to have achieved the opportunity to enter University and graduated with Bachelor of Biomolecular Science in 2014 then completed his Masters of Medical Biotechnology in 2015 and yet in pursuit of completing his second Master in Orthoptic at UTS.

He has played a strong role as founding member of Afghan Fajar Organisation Inc., he was the strong force in the establishment of the organisation and yet a key player in carrying and organising AFAIC projects which are aimed to motivate, engage, and inspire youth.

He has represented AFAIC and his community at international and national levels of which include IYLP (International Youth Leadership Program) and NSLF (National Student Leadership Forum)

His acting career kick-started in 2015, when he was cast as one of the lead actors for the Australian produced six million- telemovie called “Journey” in 2015 shot in Sydney, Indonesia, and Dubai. The movie is based on the complication, hardship that asylum seeker face in their journey towards Australia.

Apart from organising and coordinating events and project for AFAIC, he also engages as community school language teacher who teaches Dari language to students of Afghan background, he ensures that Australian-born Afghans feel a strong sense of belonging to Afghan language and culture.