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Information on resettlement fraud

There are many more refugees who need to be resettled in a new country than can be resettled. The process for resettlement is different for each country and is not always clear to those who need resettlement. Some people take advantage of this by pretending that they can help a person to be resettled, or resettled faster (‘resettlement fraud’).

Information on resettling in Australia

Global resettlement numbers

Why resettlement fraud happens

At times, the resettlement process can seem very unfair. The Australian government receives many more applications than it grants. Even if a person meets the conditions for a visa, a person may not get a visa for reasons that are not explained.

There is no ‘queue’ for resettlement. People do not get visas depending on how long they have been waiting. For example, a person may get a visa faster if they are more vulnerable or if the government considers them a priority. Different offices also have different waiting times.

All this makes the process confusing and frustrating. Resettlement fraud happens because people are desperate, and are not sure how decisions or made or if they are made fairly.

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