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Refugee Council urges support for Greens’ evacuation legislation

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) has urged Federal Parliamentarians to support a Greens’ Bill to evacuate people held in offshore processing to safety while they wait for a durable solution.

The Migration Amendment (Evacuation to Safety) Bill 2023 sets out a constructive option, consistent with the policy settings of the Albanese Labor Government, which would ensure that people are able to get the medical treatment and mental health support that they require.

“The 150 people who remain on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea have spent almost 10 years suffering in inhumane conditions, separated from their families and starved of hope for the future,” says RCOA CEO Paul Power.

“We have been advocating constantly with the Australian Government to urgently transfer individuals with significant and serious medical conditions. The physical and mental health conditions of people in this situation present an overwhelming case for their transfer to Australia for urgent care.”

The Bill ensures that people transferred would meet all security clearances and would be in Australia while third country resettlement options are progressed. This is line with the ALP’s position to negotiate third country resettlement options and its desire to reduce the number of people held in offshore processing places to zero by the end of 2023.

The legislation outlines a straightforward way in which the remaining people can be brought to Australia and supported while they continue to wait for a durable solution. Since July 2013, when the Australian Government announced that no one who arrived by boat would settle in Australia, 3,000 people have been subjected to this abhorrent policy. People subject to this have experienced assault, harassment, rape, abuse, and 15 people have died, including by murder, suicide and medical negligence.

“Australia has spent over $9.5 billion dollars in the past decade to warehouse people in remote islands, removed from our sight but not from the hearts of millions of Australians. It is time to bring them to safety and we urge all Parliamentarians to support this Bill.”


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