Operation Sovereign Borders and offshore processing statistics

3,127 people have been sent to Nauru or PNG as part of offshore processing arrangements since 19 July 2013. As of 21 October 2018: 1,278 people (including 52 children) are still on Nauru or PNG (note: this number is constantly changing with transfers, with the latest estimate by refugee groups being 27 children as of 5 November 2018). 415 people have been resettled in the US, and 188 people have been rejected for US resettlement as of the same date. By far the largest number of those refused are from Iran (91), although 16 Iranians have been accepted. There are 495 recognised refugees left in PNG, and 541 recognised refugees on Nauru. There are 107 families on Nauru, including 52 families with minors.
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Refugees on PNG face unchecked violence: Human Rights Watch report

Human Rights Watch has released a damning report on the dangers faced by those transferred to Papua New Guinea (PNG) under Australia's policy of offshore processing. As Australia plans to close the centre there on 31 October 2017, Human Rights Watch documents why people are afraid to leave the centre and why settling them on PNG will not work.
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Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Annual Report 2015-16

This is the first Annual Report of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) following its merger with the Customs and Border Protection Service in July 2015. The report, tabled in Parliament in October 2016, provides a number of useful statistics.
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