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Jane McAdam

Professor Jane McAdam is Scientia Professor of Law and Director of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW.

Professor McAdam is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, a Research Associate at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, an Associated Senior Fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Norway, a Senior Research Associate of the Refugee Law Initiative in London, and was a non-resident Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at The Brookings Institution in Washington DC from 2012–16.

Professor McAdam publishes widely in international refugee law and forced migration, with a particular focus on climate change and mobility.  She has published nine books, including Climate Change, Forced Migration, and International Law (Oxford University Press, 2012) and The Refugee in International Law (with Guy S Goodwin-Gill, Oxford University Press, 2007).  She is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Refugee Law, the leading journal in the field.  She serves on a number of international committees, including as Co-Rapporteur of the International Law Association’s Committee on International Law and Sea-Level Rise; a member of the Advisory Committee of the Platform on Disaster Displacement; and a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion.

Professor McAdam holds a doctorate in law from the University of Oxford, and first class honours degrees in law and history from the University of Sydney. In 2017–18, she will be a Visiting Fellow in the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program.