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Pledges and Contributions

WGR meeting on Global Refugee Forum pledges 

At each Global Refugee Forum (GRF), governments, civil society organisations and others are invited to make pledgeson additional concrete actions they will take over the coming four years to support refugee self-reliance, ease pressure on host countries and contribute to durable solutions.  

In our first major activity as Co-Chair of the 2024 CRCP, RCOA worked with the Australian Government, UNHCR and the CRCP Refugee Advisory Group to co-host a virtual Working Group on Resettlement (WGR) meeting to discuss and promote joint pledges on resettlement, complementary pathways and refugee participation. To accomodate governments, NGOs and refugee representatives from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific in different time zones, the working group meeting was held in two parts on 24 and 26 October. 

The second GRF took place in December 2023. Read the pledge RCOA, together with fellow Australian civil society organisations, made on resettlement and complementary pathways advocacy.

WGR meeting on post-arrival settlement 

In February 2024, Australia will host a WGR meeting in Sydney on the theme of post-arrival settlement and integration. This meeting is an opportunity for representatives from States, NGOs, UNHCR, refugees and others involved in resettlement and complementary pathways to explore and share:

  • insights from different countries and contexts on how to create welcoming and inclusive communities
  • the differences between the integration of resettled refugees and those arriving on complementary pathways
  • what works to support refugees post-arrival in the context of wider structural challenges, such as housing and cost of living pressures

The WGR is also an opportunity for international visitors to see first-hand how settlement and integration is facilitated in Australia through site visits to local services.

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