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Global Refugee Forum pledge on resettlement and complementary pathways

At the Global Refugee Forum in December 2023, the Refugee Council of Australia joined civil society organisations across Australia in pledging to advocate and mobilise support to increase resettlement and complementary pathways to Australia.

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Australian civil society pledge on resettlement and complementary pathways advocacy

We, as Australian civil society organisations, pledge to advocate for and mobilise community support for the Australian Government to achieve its ambition to expand its annual Refugee and Humanitarian Program to 27,000 places per year, to be realised by the third Global Refugee Forum in 2027. We will do this by providing constructive, practical and evidence-based policy advice that is informed by refugee communities and civil society organisations in Australia.

Additionally, we pledge to support and advocate for the expansion of a principled and cohesive complementary pathways program in Australia in line with the Government’s ambition to increase complementary pathways to 10,000 places per year. We will do this by:

  1. Proposing workable solutions to expand access to humanitarian family reunion, including for refugees who have been denied access to family reunification for a decade while on temporary visas;
  2. Supporting the expansion of community sponsorship and advocating for the successful introduction of an improved named sponsorship pathway informed by learnings from the Community Refugee Integration and Settlement Pilot, the Community Support Program and similar programs in other countries;
  3. Supporting and advocating for the Skilled Refugee Labour Agreement Pilot to become a permanent and improved pathway for refugees and displaced people informed by learnings from the pilot and as advocated by Talent Beyond Boundaries; and
  4. Working cooperatively with key stakeholders to support the design and introduction of a new refugee education pathway in Australia.

This pledge is endorsed by

Refugee Council of Australia
Amnesty International (Australia)
AEU – NSW Teachers Federation
Community Migrant Resource Centre
Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia
HOST International
Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia
NSW Refugee Communities Advocacy Network
Refugee Advice Casework Service
SCALES Community Legal Centre
Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
Zomi Innkuan Adelaide

How to endorse this pledge

Civil society organisations in Australia can endorse this pledge at any time.

You can do so by adding your own pledge to the GRF pledging website and linking this to the Australian civil society pledge on resettlement and complementary pathways advocacy submitted by the Refugee Council of Australia.

You can also contact RCOA and request to be added as an endorsing organisation.

Photo: Adama Kamara (fourth from left), Deputy CEO of RCOA and Co-chair of Refugee Leadership Alliance, speaks at a side event during the Global Refugee Forum 2023.

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