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National Refugee Ambassadors connect with communities across Australia

Thanks to those who supported our Christmas appeal, we’re proud to announce that 19 new National Refugee Ambassadors have joined our Face to Face: Schools and Community program.

This inspiring program connects refugee speakers with communities across the country, giving them the opportunity to share their story in schools, organisations and workplaces. In doing so, they are breaking down harmful stereotypes and allowing Australians to gain empathy for the lived experience of a refugee.

With our new speakers recruited and trained, our National Refugee Ambassador program has expanded to include 38 people – the highest number on record since the program commenced. Our new ambassadors originate from countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, Bosnia, Turkey, Iraq and Sri Lanka.

Sidiqa Faqihi is one of our newest National Refugee Ambassadors, and a Project Officer for RCOA’s Face-to-Face: Schools and Community program.

National Refugee Ambassador Sidiqa in traditional dress

Sidiqa was born in Afghanistan, and belongs to the Hazara ethnic group who continue to face systematic discrimination and persecution. In 2013, she made the difficult decision to leave her homeland with her mother, grandmother and six siblings, seeking protection in Indonesia.

“My refugee journey was filled with uncertainty, hardship and challenges, but what kept me going was my resilient spirit and my ever-present hope for a better future,” she says.



The support of people like you means that Sidiqa and her fellow ambassadors can continue sharing their refugee journeys, while continuing to shift and educate the culture towards a more humane and inclusive Australia.

Images credit: Damon Amb Photography

Sidiqa’s inspiring journey from Afghanistan to AustraliaBook a National Refugee Ambassador to speak at your workplace or school in 2024



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