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Mehdi Vakili

Iranian political blogger and social media activist. I left Iran in 2012 after the Iran cyber police called FATA become aware of my activism and blogging against the Islamic regime. They started to chase me and wear me down to the ground by making my life very difficult. One day I had to leave the country with very short notice, less than two hours before. I travelled to Malaysia and then found out that the Malaysian government had already handed over a Saudi blogger back to Saudi Arabia because of their political interests. I then travelled to Indonesia to seek safety and hide there for a couple of mouths. I found out that there was small chance to get to Australia by boat. I managed to take a boat to Australia and then became a refugee. The Australian government based on their current policy sent me to Nauru. I tried to raise awareness about the situation at Nauru detention centre, and become the main source of news from there through social media. The Australian government transferred me and all the people to Australia in 2013 after the policy changed by Kevin Rudd. I was detained at the Curtin detention centre for eight months. Now I am living in Perth where I established a group called SAVE IRAN. Recently I have been working to raise international awareness about the ongoing situation under Islamic regime in Iran. I have been trying to inform the international community about the dictatorship that is currently ruling Iran. We are hoping to show the illegitimacy of the Iranian gov to the international community. And to stop the government who has been denying the basic human rights of Iranian people during last four decades. Right now there is significant conflict between Iranian people and the government.