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Caroline Fleay

Dr Caroline Fleay is Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University, where she teaches human rights and conducts research into the experiences of people seeking asylum in Australia. She has been a regular visitor to some of WA’s sites of immigration detention and written extensively about the impacts on people seeking asylum of indefinite detention and being released into the community with minimal supports.

Caroline has also been involved with a range of community groups and human rights campaigns over the past three decades, including those focused on women’s rights and refugee rights. In 2011 she was awarded the Amnesty International Australia (WA) June Fassina Award for her contributions to human rights activism. 

Caroline is currently a Board Member of the Refugee Council of Australia and continues to liaise with WA, national and regional refugee support organisations and activists to campaign on the rights of people seeking asylum. This includes being a co-organiser of Seeking Refuge WA, one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns to support the provision of free legal assistance to asylum seekers in WA.