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2021 conference video: Watch Rebuilding, resilience and innovation

This video shows the welcome to conference and the opening panel, ‘Rebuilding, Resilience and Innovation’.

Plenary Welcome & Panel

Kween G

Welcome to Country
Uncle Greg Simms

Paul Power Refugee Council of Australia
Leanne Smith Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University
Peter Shergold AC Western Sydney University, NSW Coordinator-General for Refugee Resettlement

Opening Panel Topic: Rebuilding: Resilience and Innovation

This opening session for Refugee Alternatives 2021 provides a critical reflection on refugee and asylum seeker matters. It will explore themes of dignity and the importance and impact of language. The panel takes a critical, disruptive and aspirational approach and explore opportunities for change in the sector.

Adama Kamara, Refugee Council of Australia

Atem Atem, Refugee Communities Advocacy Network (NSW)
Rahila Haidary, Human Rights Advocate
Shukufa Tahiri, The National Refugee Advocacy and Advisory Group (NRAAG)