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My visa is being cancelled

This information is provided by the Law Institute of Victoria, a peak body for lawyers in Victoria. It was published in February 2018.

This information is for people who are having their visas cancelled under the Migration Act. There are different factsheets for people depending on what kind of visa cancellation process you are looking at.

My visa is being cancelled under section 501

My visa is being cancelled under section 116

What should I do?

This kit is provided by Victoria Legal Aid, a legal organisation that helps people in Victoria. It was published in January 2018.

Some people may have had their visas automatically cancelled because of a crime by the Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration).
This kit explains the mandatory visa cancellation process in more detail and will help you to draft your own response to the Department seeking a revocation of its decision.

Read the self-help kit

I am a criminal lawyer wanting to know more about section 501

This factsheet is provided by Refugee & Advice Casework Service, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Sydney. It was last updated in August 2016.

This fact sheet is for people who may be facing cancellation of their Bridging Visa E. The Minister may cancel a visa if its holder has not complied with a condition of the visa or if a prescribed ground for cancellation exists. When a person’s bridging visa is cancelled, they become an unlawful non-citizen and are detained

Read the factsheet

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