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The digital era of the Face-to-Face Schools and community program

Since 2014, the Refugee Council of Australia has been bringing refugee speakers to schools in the greater Sydney and Melbourne regions to share their personal stories as part of our Face-to-Face schools and community program. With COVID-19 restrictions making school visits impossible or impractical, the Refugee Council of Australia extended the delivery method of the Face-to-Face Program to a digital platform.

The good news is that this shift to a digital platform meant that students in many more locations were able to learn about the refugee experience directly from people who have lived it. We invited schools and community groups, public and private sectors across Australia to consider a virtual incursion with a refugee speaker. Regardless of this unprecedented year our speakers were able to capture the attention of the many students and members of the public and build social cohesion and advocate for better refugee policies in Australia. We connected via the virtual world and we were still able to deliver moving stories to people’s homes and offices.

Learn more about the Face-to-Face program, including how to book a digital event here.

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