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Information for people supporting people seeking asylum

Are you supporting people seeking asylum?

This page is for you if you are supporting people seeking asylum by, for example, helping them make friends, find housing or employment. There are some useful resources here to help you understand and support them better.

You can also find other useful resources in our guide for people working with refugees.

Working with refugees

Understanding people from different countries

The Cultural Atlas is a very useful and informative way for us to get to know each other better. The Cultural Atlas is an online atlas including over fifty countries representing Australia’s largest migrant populations. It provides a comprehensive guide to each country, describing the dominant culture of each country and their behaviour in relation to Australian norms. It aims to inform and educate the public in cross-cultural attitudes, practices, norms, behaviours and communications.

See the Cultural Atlas

Each country page will also show the country’s flag, its location on the world map, and a list of sources. You can also find quick statistics for each country (for example, population, languages, religions) and the country’s population in Australia (ancestry, average age, language spoken at home etc.).

Understanding refugee communities

Attending Departmental interviews

This factsheet is provided by Refugee & Advice Casework Service, a legal organisation that helps refugees in Sydney. It was last upated in March 2016.

This factsheet is designed to provide information to people wanting to attend interviews held between the Department of Home Affairs (formerly the Department of Immigration) and people seeking asylum.
Read the factsheet

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We need you to show our government that Australia cares about refugees. Help us by joining the movement so we can protect refugees, not punish them.


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