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Seeking English

Online Database of English Classes

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is delighted to host Seeking English, a live database of English classes all over Melbourne, specifically for people seeking asylum.  This database is a joint project of the Network of Asylum Seeker Agencies Victoria (NASAVic).
If you are a person seeking asylum (or a caseworker, or a friend, or someone in the community who is just trying to help out) please use this database to locate an English class at the right time and place for you.

You can view information by where you live, or choose to view all the information for Melbourne using the menu.

You can also see where the classes are located on the map below.

For people who you live in Greater Dandenong the EAS Network app is available at the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). Give it a try for more English classes and more info. Once you’ve found a suitable class call to confirm the details before attending.

Find an English class where you live

You can help us keep this information updated by telling us about new classes, updating us about changes to classes listed here, or telling us if you find a problem with the database.

Add a new place where English classes are held
Add a new class at an existing place
Update us (including removing a class)
Tell us about a problem

Please note that promotion on Seeking English is not an endorsement by NASAVic or RCOA.  All organisations are required to independently maintain the quality of the classes and adhere to all relevant standards and legislation.