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Face-to-Face goes digital

Live presentations from refugee speakers now on online platforms

Since 2014, the Refugee Council of Australia has been bringing refugee speakers to schools in the greater Sydney and Melbourne regions to share their personal stories as part of our Face to Face schools and community program. With COVID-19 restrictions making school visits impossible or impractical, the Refugee Council of Australia is extending the delivery method of the Face to Face Program to a digital platform.

The Face to Face program aims to build community harmony and increase awareness of and understanding about refugees through presentations to schools, community groups and professional development activities. We aim to promote social cohesion by addressing negative perceptions and raising public awareness about refugees, their journeys and their contributions to Australia. This is part of a broader strategy of promoting education on social justice, peace and human rights to the Australian community.

The good news is that this shift to a digital platform means that students in many more locations will be able to learn about the refugee experience directly from people who have lived it. We are inviting schools across Australia to consider a virtual incursion with a refugee speaker.

Our speakers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in public speaking and can engage students well. Refugee Week in June is usually our busiest time for presentations and we are hoping to be able to maintain this interest before, during and after Refugee Week.

Refugee Week

Cost of the prgram: Why we charge for the program

The Refugee Council of Australia is an independent charity which relies on public donations to survive. We receive no government funding for this program or for our core work of research, advocacy and public education on refugee issues.

Each refugee speaker is paid a speaker’s fee in recognition of her or his expertise and to cover income lost in making time available to speak. The costs associated with the delivery of a digital presentation is $500+GST (live via Zoom or the school’s preferred online platform) or $350+GST for a pre-recorded session via download (approximate time 60 minutes).

As we do not want cost to be a barrier to students hearing from refugee speakers, we offer concession rates (subsidised by public donations) to schools or groups with more limited resources. We are also open to schools – particularly smaller schools and those with limited resources – working together to host a presentation jointly to reduce costs.

Links to the Australian curriculum

The Face to Face Program aligns with the Australian Curriculum. We can offer a range of class activities and workshops to address class or individual needs.

How to book

For more details or to book your virtual incursion, please contact our team by emailing or

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