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Being LGBTIQ+ and seeking asylum during COVID

Media release: 

July 2, 2021



Understanding mental health considerations of LGBTIQ+ people who are seeking asylum or are refugees during COVID, is just one of the topics at the Refugee Alternatives Conference.

The online event, to be held July 6 and 7, will also have a session exploring the skills needed to tackle everyday instances of racism and bias in human rights work, and another panel examining practical solutions for people on temporary protection visas.

Other discussions will include how young people from refugee backgrounds can shape the policies that most affect their lives.

Held by the Refugee Council of Australia with the Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University, the conference will continue key conversations from previous conferences.

However, the event will also shed light on new voices and perspectives navigating the impact of the global pandemic through grassroots level work and lived experiences.

The conference, whose theme is Rebuilding: Resilience, Innovation, will now be entirely online.

This will allow all virtual attendees to watch the sessions on multiple occasions, not just on the days and times when the panel sessions are scheduled.


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