Refugee Council of Australia
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Annual consultations on Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian Program

What are these consultations?

Every year, the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) consults with people across Australia on refugee and asylum policies. We talk to people who have been or are in need of protection, and with those who work with these communities. What we hear feeds into what we focus on, and informs all of our policy and advocacy work here and overseas.

Our next consultations

We have now completed our annual consultations for 2018-2019. You can read our submission to the Department which reflects these consultations below. We will update this page when we are planning our next consultations.

Read our annual submission to the Department’s consultation on the Refugee and Humanitarian Program

We need you to show our government that Australia cares about refugees. Help us by joining the movement so we can protect refugees, not punish them.