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Seven years of offshore detention

It has been seven years since 19 July 2013. On that date, the Australian Government announced that anyone who arrived in Australia by boat to seek protection would be taken to offshore processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island and never resettled in Australia – even if they were recognised as a refugee.

In the seven years since, the Australian Government has spent $7.6 billion for just over 3000 people and to maintain a harmful policy. The Government tries to claim this as a “humanitarian” policy but in fact, we are killing people more slowly and more remotely, starving them of hope, and denying them a future.

12 people lost their lives on Nauru and in Papua New Guinea. People also died in Australia where they were kept in perpetual limbo under the cruel title of ‘transitory person’, ineligible for any support and with no future. Several people died when they were returned to their home countries and several more injured.

In light of this we have produced a report outlining the full scale of the crisis that is offshore detention.  For your July action, your task is to read and share the report in your networks.  Then, let people on offshore detention know that they are welcome here by posting a message of solidarity on your social media. 

Read and share ‘Seven Years On: An Overview of Australia Offshore Processing Policies’ today

The report provides key figures related to offshore processing policies: how many people have been sent offshore, where people are now, where they were from, how many returned or were forcibly removed, how many needed to be transferred to Australia for medical treatment, where in Australia they are now, and how much we have spent.

It is one of the best snapshots out there about the offshore detention regime. Enough is enough. We need people to know the truth about offshore detention so it can finally end, and never rear its ugly head again.

Please read and share this report widely!

We believe offshore detention is cruel and unnecessary. It exists so politicians can win political points off the suffering of innocent people. We are better than this.

This report has everything you need to have meaningful conversations with your friends, family and colleagues about offshore detention. We can’t change this system without you.


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