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Refugee Education Special Interest Group Wrap Up No. 1 2018

The first 2018 meeting of the Refugee Education Special Interest Group was fueled by a lively discussion on how to improve refugee access and engagement in education. This wrap-up report outlines the key issues identified and the corresponding recommendations made by the group.

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Changes to income support

Changes in the Status Resolution Support Services Payment (SRSS) will affect income support for full-time students. The SRSS is an income support program for people who are seeking asylum and waiting for an outcome on their visa application. Recent changes to SRSS mean that if an adult studies full time, when they are able to work, they are not eligible for SRSS income support. Those studying full time, including under scholarships, will lose their SRSS income support if they are assessed as ‘job-ready’.

If you are aware of any students who have been removed from SRSS because they are studying, please contact Asher Hirsch.

Educational Access Schemes (EAS): internal admissions applications process for people seeking asylum

The EAS helps students who have experienced long-term educational disadvantage gain admission to tertiary study by allocating bonus points when students apply for a course. Currently, the EAS is only available to citizens, permanent residents and those who entered Australia under the humanitarian program. International students and temporary visa holders are not eligible for EAS. Individual universities can exercise their discretion in terms of the ATAR cut-offs for enrollment.
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Upcoming events

Past events

  • February 13 to 14 – Refugee Council of Australia’s Refugee Alternatives Conference (University of Melbourne, Vic.). There was a meet-up for SIG members during the conference, on February 13. Further info
  • February 8 – National Teleconference on Education Pathways for Temporary Visa Holders. This teleconference included recent SRSS changes, which impact access to and engagement with education for young people seeking asylum. Further info
  • November 23 to 24 – National Multicultural Youth Conference: young people in the multicultural world. Further info
  • November 16 – National SIG Web Conference on ‘in-school models of support and guidance for pathways’. Conference notes can be read here. Further info
  • November 15 – Symposium on people seeking asylum, refugees on temporary visas and higher education: Current challenges and future opportunities (University of Melbourne, Vic.). A short summary of the symposium with a link to the discussion paper is available here.

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