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People from refugee backgrounds and seeking protection often face particular challenges in getting work. Yet there are many opportunities for these people, and for Australian society generally, in the workplace.

Latest news

Migrant Workers in Australia: Fair Work Ombudsman Resources

Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has developed new resources to help refugees and migrants avoid being mistreated by their employers. These include: a reporting protocol to encourage exploited visa holders to seek assistance; an app that makes it easy to record hours of work; and language resources to help migrants understand the Australian workplace.
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Bright Ideas: Refugee Talent

Refugee Talent is an enterprise that matches refugees with employment opportunities, helping them to obtain recognition of their skills and qualifications and gain valuable local work experiences.
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Finding employment is one of the highest priorities for refugees resettling in Australia. Despite their eagerness to participate in the Australian workforce and the wealth of skills and experience that…

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Sustainable employment pathways

This teleconference focused on the topic of Getting on the right track: Sustainable employment pathways for refugee and humanitarian entrants in Australia. It discussed the findings of RCOA’s research report What Works: Employment strategies for refugee and humanitarian entrants (available for download on our reports, papers and briefings page).
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