Customers in front of colourful tea cart, refugees can exercise existing skills when working in Australia

People from refugee backgrounds and seeking protection often face challenges working in Australia, particularly in getting work. Yet there are many opportunities for these people, and for Australian society generally, in the workplace.

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What Do We Know About People Seeking Asylum And Employment?

What do we know about people seeking asylum and employment?

Misinformation about people seeking asylum and employment is widespread. A journal article, 'People seeking asylum in Australia and their access to employment: just what do we know?', examines what we do and do not know about access to employment for people seeking asylum.
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Building A New Life In Australia, Three Years In

Building a new life in Australia, three years in

What is life like for refugees settling in Australia? In this important report from the Building a New Life in Australia study, we find out how people are doing, three years in. We find out what has worked, what hasn't, and how settlement policy and services could improve.
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Giving People Seeking Asylum The Chance To Get Work

Giving people seeking asylum the chance to get work

Given the Chance for Asylum Seekers is a Brotherhood of St Laurence employment program for people seeking asylum. The program's services includes assessing their job readiness, help with job applications, access to training, interview preparation and understanding Australian workplaces. By partnering with employers, the program also creates new jobs and training opportunities. The program has helped many individuals get their first job in Australia. The first phase of this program has recently been evaluated by the Brotherhood of St Laurence.
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Migrant Workers In Australia: Fair Work Ombudsman Resources

Migrant workers in Australia: Fair Work Ombudsman resources

Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has developed new resources to help refugees and migrants avoid being mistreated by their employers. These include: a reporting protocol to encourage exploited visa holders to seek assistance; an app that makes it easy to record hours of work; and language resources to help migrants understand the Australian workplace.
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Bright Ideas: Refugee Talent

Bright Ideas: Refugee Talent

Refugee Talent is an enterprise that matches refugees with employment opportunities, helping them to obtain recognition of their skills and qualifications and gain valuable local work experiences.
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