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Why people need to leave

Development-induced displacement

Another reason many people are forced to leave home is because of development projects. For example, the building of the Three Gorges dam in China meant many people lost their homes and were forced to move. About 3.4 million people were ‘physically and economically’ displaced between 2004 and 2013 by World Bank projects.

Development-induced displacement has its own challenges. People need to be adequately consulted. There needs to be a proper assessment of the impact of development. People need to be adequately compensated for moving. . However, as with environmental displacement, people displaced by development are not usually refugees.

However, movements of refugees do have significant effects on the development of countries (sometimes referred to as the ‘migration-development nexus’. Large numbers of people moving from one country to another obviously affects the development of both countries, as skills and talent leave one country and large numbers of people coming into a country change the local markets and society.

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