People are forced to leave their homes for many reasons. Conflict, the disintegration of a state, persecution, environmental degradation, poverty and development are the main drivers of forced migration.

Root causes

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Why Hazaras Are In Danger In Afghanistan: Expert Opinion

Why Hazaras are in danger in Afghanistan: Expert opinion

On 23 July 2016, a peaceful protest by Hazaras in Afghanistan ended in tragedy. At least 80 people died, and more than 230 were injured, in a bomb blast. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. In the opinion of a leading expert on Afghanistan, Professor William Maley of the Australian National University, this attack has profound implications.
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Key Facts On The Conflict In Syria And Iraq

Key facts on the conflict in Syria and Iraq

The Syrian civil war began in March 2011 amidst the Arab Spring, when a wave of democratic protests spread throughout the Middle East. Protests began after the arrest, torture and killing of two teenage boys who had written anti-government graffiti. Some governments in the Middle East responded to protests with compromise and democratic reforms. The Syrian government under Bashir Al-Assad responded by killing hundreds of protesters and jailing many more.
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Protracted Refugee Situations

Protracted refugee situations

UNHCR defines a protracted refugee situation as one in which 25,000 or more refugees of the same nationality have been displaced in the same country of asylum for five years or longer. Based on this definition, it is estimated that 6.4 million refugees were in a protracted situation by the end of 2012.
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