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Who we are

Sources of income


A small not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, RCOA relies on support from a diverse range of sources to maintain its work.The single largest form of income comes from tax-deductible donations and membership fees from individual Australians. This form of support is critical to the continuation of RCOA’s work, as priorities for other funders can change from year to year.

At various stages in its history, RCOA has received a limited amount of core funding from the Australian Government, through the Department of Immigration. This funding was withdrawn in 2002, restored in 2008-09 and withdrawn again in 2014.
Pie chart showing sources of income

This graph sets out our sources of income in 2017-2018.

The Board and staff of RCOA thank all for their support.

More information about RCOA’s sources of income can be found in our Annual Reports.

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