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Information about temporary protection visas (TPVs) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEVs)

Living in regional Australia

What is it like to live in regional Australia? This factsheet on living in regional NSW talks about what you should do before and after moving to regional areas. While some of the information might not be relevant to those who live outside NSW, most is relevant to everyone who is considering moving to a regional area.

You can download the factsheet here.

Read Thinking Of Moving To Regional NSWp>Australian Red Cross has created a series of audio files which provide information for refugees and people seeking asylum about life in Australia. Each episode focuses on one issue. For example, finding a house or keeping a healthy mind and body.

The audio files are in 4 different languages: Farsi, Arabic, Tamil and English. The information is not specific to regional areas but people who live in those areas or plan to do so, may find them useful.

Listen to podcasts

Regional NSW

You can download here information about some of the regional areas in NSW for people on a SHEV who are thinking about moving.

Bathurst And Orange
Glen Innes
Read Port Macquarie
Southern Highlands
Wagga Wagga

Visiting regional areas

A number of organisations have arranged visits for people thinking about moving to regional or rural areas. This is a report of one visit to Armidale, in NSW.

Look See Visit To Armidale Rohingya Visit Program

Join the movement!

We need you to show our government that Australia cares about refugees. Help us by joining the movement so we can protect refugees, not punish them.

Join the campaign for humane refugee policy.

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