The Australian Government has recently announced changes that will leave potentially hundreds of people transferred from Nauru or Manus Island without any financial support or housing. You can help by donating money to the following organisations, who are likely to be ones on the frontline helping these people survive in Australia.

This list is still being updated with the help of our networks. Other organisations will be added to this list shortly.

Click on any of the logos below to be taken directly to their donations page, where you can also read more about the organisation and what it does.




South Australia

Western Australia

The organisations listed on this page have been identified as:

  • existing organisations providing direct material, housing and legal support
  • who we have been advised by our members as those most likely to be the ones asked to support those potentially affected by this change.

We are aware that there are other organisations, especially volunteer-led organisations, who may be providing direct relief, and we will be adding organisations as we verify this information. To ensure that the money goes where it is most needed, we will be consulting with our members to ensure the list remains targeted.

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