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Settling in Australia: The challenges


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Being able to get places cheaply and easily is essential for people who have just come to Australia to get to work, study and services. Being able to travel also helps people to feel part of a community.

Many refugee and humanitarian entrants live in outer metropolitan or regional areas where housing is affordable. This means, though, that they are likely to find it hard to live near public transport.

Many people who have just come to Australia struggle to get a driver’s licence and car. It is difficult for people who have limited English to pass the driver’s test. It is also difficult because it is expensive to get a driver’s licence, and because they need to be trained by someone who can help them practice.

Some people may not understand how the driving laws work in Australia, as they come from countries with very different laws and practices. This can lead some people to drive without a licence, but with serious legal consequences.

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