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Barbed wire

On this page you can find legal information for people in detention. This information is provided by our members. This is not legal advice, but is general information. To get advice about your case, please see our page on legal advice.

Latest information

New Migration Regulations Increase Potential For Indefinite Detention

New Migration Regulations increase potential for indefinite detention

New Migration Regulations took effect on 18 November that could have a very significant impact on refugees, especially those on temporary protection visas. Unless these Regulations are disallowed by the Senate on 27 November, the Regulations will apply to a broad range of temporary visas, including temporary protection and bridging visas.
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The Australian Government’s Code of Behaviour and Bridging Visas

The Australian Government’s Code of Behaviour is important for people who have a Bridging E visa or are getting one. The code of behaviour is a promise to follow Australian laws and rules. This fact sheet outlines the legal rights and responsibilities for people on a Bridging E visa under the code of behaviour. The factsheet is available in different languages.
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